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Lee T. Todd, Jr. served for 10 years as the 11th president of the University of Kentucky. After a one-year leave-of-absence, he returned to UK as an Electrical Engineering faculty member.

Dr. Todd, a native of Earlington, Kentucky, received his BS degree in Electrical Engineering from UK and his MS and PhD degrees from M.I.T. where he received six U.S. Patents in the area of large-screen, projection displays. He returned to U.K. where he taught and performed research for nine years before leaving to begin two technology companies based on his research. Projectron, developer of high-resolution, projection CRTs for flight simulators, was purchased by Hughes Aircraft and Todd became Vice President of Hughes Display Products. DataBeam, developer of teleconferencing systems and software, was purchased by I.B.M. in 1998. Todd became Senior Vice President of I.B.M.’s Lotus Development Company and served in that capacity until returning to U.K. as President on July 1, 2001.

Dr. Todd also co-founded the Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC) in 1987, a not-for-profit organization focused on increasing university research capacity, developing science and technology education (K-12) programs, and encouraging an entrepreneurial economy in Kentucky.

Dr. Todd served as a member of the National Academies’ Committee on Research Universities and presently serves as chair of the Advisory Committee for the National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Education and Human Resources.